Factor10 is a premier, global platform for businesses committed to the circular economy. Factor10 convenes more than 30 companies from around the world to co-develop solutions to their greatest priorities in the circular economy.

Through workstreams on Metrics, 政策, Bioeconomy and 建筑, Factor10 tackles both systemic and value-chain specific barriers towards a circular transition. 它生产指标, 工具, advocacy and catalytic insights through cross-industry and value-chain collaboration.

To achieve a circular economy, eco-efficiency of materials must improve by more than a factor of 10, referencing 1994 work from the Factor10 Institute.


    We are on pace to consume the equivalent resources as two planet Earths by 2030. Global resource use has tripled since 1970 and is set to double again by 2060. 进一步, resource extraction is responsible for 90% of biodiversity loss, 90%的水分胁迫, 50% of greenhouse gas emissions and 33% of human health impacts.

    To stay within our planetary boundaries and address the growing environmental pressures, we must transition away from our "take-make-waste" linear economy. This will require new business models, policies, finance, technology and mindsets.


    The circular economy presents a USD $4.5 trillion opportunity by 2030. A growing number of businesses are already capturing their share, across all industries, 区域和大小. Integrating circular economy into a company’s business strategy opens opportunities for the company to improve sales, 降低成本, strengthen customer and employee relationships and mitigate linear risk.

    As companies progress from circular process innovation, to circular product innovation and finally circular business model innovation, they will find that the economic opportunity grows with the integration of circularity into their core business strategy.


    Factor10 offers companies a safe, business-driven platform to co-develop solutions to their greatest needs in the circular economy through a forum within which companies can learn from one another. Through a combination of systemic and value-chain specific workstreams, members can tackle multiple circular barriers through one project. Convening over 30 companies from more than 15 industries and countries, Factor10 produces metrics, 工具, policy asks and novel insights that enable its members’ circular transitions. Developed in response to member challenges, Factor10 adapts in response to its members' evolving circular priorities over time.

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