Scaling Positive Agriculture

我们雄心勃勃的“扩大积极农业”项目旨在通过最大限度地发挥农业作为气候解决方案的潜力,改变全球粮食系统, nature and farmers. The project focuses on three priority pathways where business can provide real solutions: 1) climate positive – shifting agriculture from a net source to a net sink of GHG emissions; 2) nature positive – shifting agriculture from being the main driver of nature loss to a regenerator of nature; and 3) farmer positive – strengthening agriculture’s role in supporting resilient, 高产农业和粮食生产社区.

    The Challenge

    农业部门面临气候变化, deforestation and inequality challenges, 最终形成一种消极的全球叙事,这种叙事正在大规模扼杀集体解决方案. 主要挑战包括:食品企业目标与农民需求之间的不协调, preventing combined action; fragmented public-private partnerships in major growing jurisdictions, limiting solutions at scale; lack of coherent policies and financing mechanisms to de-risk/attract widespread private sector engagement; lack of consistent metrics and unclear science for companies to transparently track and disclose progress. 

    The Business Case

    对于整个食品和农业价值链的公司来说, 公众舆论和消费者需求正在加大压力,要求采取大规模行动,减少该行业的气候和自然足迹, provide farmer equity, 建立一个更有弹性的系统,能够承受气候变化和其他系统性冲击. At the same time, 创新和技术正在为新的农业解决方案创造新的商业机会,并提高价值链的生产率, 关键商品的透明度和效率. 

    The Solution

    自2015年以来,我们一直支持领先企业,通过我们的规模积极农业(SPA)项目推动解决方案, 包括通过新的伙伴关系和技术支持农民与农业企业脱节, mobilizing finance and new investments, aligning impact metrics and incentives, 加速整个生长地区的集体行动. 

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